Our Platform

When Technology Drives Logistics

In this industry speed is everything and margins are tight. Using the wrong platform can cost you customers and money.

That is why Dynamic is continually improving our technology solution and our drivers. Providing the best all-around delivery solutions for our clients, contractors and our customers.

What's under the Hood?

Route optimisation & schedule software

Our state-of-the-art route optimisation & schedule software can calculate runs in seconds to deliver real and measured cost savings. It also provides businesses with the tools to plan and schedule resources.

Driver Health & Safety

Driver health and safety is important to us and is a major factor in how we do business. Our driver safety tools manage driving behaviour, on road times, breaks, pre start checks, health and safety checks, education, equipment inspections, maintenance, breakdowns and much, much more.

On-boarding & Training

Ensuring our contractors and delivery partners are compliant, well trained and capable are all part of Dynamic's on boarding, compliance and training tools. With virtual tool box talks, inductions,  and education tools; Dynamic is your premium delivery partner.

Limitless Potential

Weather events and road conditions are all factored into our app in real time to ensure packages are delivered in the most efficient way in the shortest time frame.

A close up shot of a truck wheel

Turn by Turn Guidance Delivering Success

Dynamic’s technology factors things like vehicle type, location, availability, current packages onboard and delivery performance to maximise contractors daily revenue and reduce delivery costs.

Traffic, weather conditions, road types, pick up and delivery locations are all factored into our app in real time to ensure packages are delivered the most efficient way in the shortest time frame.

Using Data to Help Your Business

Accurate data provides your business with the tools they need to make informed decisions in real time. From seeing how a delivery partner is tracking with their deliveries to finding the right driver close by with the right vehicle and skills. Data is the key to your success.

A close up shot of a truck wheel

Constantly Evolving

We strive to never stop evolving. As we push the boundaries of technology with our platform we also look to improve the quality of our drivers and their health and safety we are also looking to take this one step further with machine learning, dynamic optimisation and virtual reality inductions. All to continually improve performance and reduce wastage.