Leading the way Forward

COR, Compliance and ensuring we are all safe

Risk Management

Dynamic uses outside COR specialists to design, train and audit Dynamic’s COR and compliance strategies. From the general manager to operational staff and contractors we are all part of the chain and need to be aware of the risks and how we can identify them and manage them.

Frequent Auditing

Assessments and audits of CoR, subcontractors, fatigue management, maintenance management and mass management are completed annually to review the effectiveness of our compliance management system.


Dynamic’s senior team and executives are trained using COR, Fatigue management, load restraint and Dangerous goods specialists that deliver an intensive thorough understanding of COR, risk and how to manage it. All Dynamics people and subcontractors undergo regular refresher training to maintain currency.

Monitor, Manage, Reduce

We use technology to monitor our subcontractors , manage fatigue and reduce risks. Our technology:

  • Monitors driver behaviour.
  • Manages drive time, fatigue and breaks.
  • Records pre-start health and safety checks.
  • Records pre-start vehicle checks.
  • Records load restraint pre-depart checks.
  • Manages events and issues in real time.
  • Manage toolbox talks & training.
  • Ensures all providers are compliant.

High Level of Compliance

Dynamic's CoR compliance management software ensures subcontractor and driver compliance with mandatory and customer-specific safety accreditation and training requirements. Instantly access subcontractor information, including the driver’s company, other drivers and vehicles, driving history, maintenance schedules, insurance. Demonstrate that all steps have been taken “so far as is reasonably practical” to ensure subcontractors are compliant with the Chain of Responsibility.

Well Maintained Fleet

Dynamic ensures all our subcontractors have well maintained and late model vehicles. We periodically request servicing history and images of the vehicle to ensure this is maintained.